We at Technicoat have invested in the latest application technology. This technology allows us both greater control in ensuring the quality of our waterproofing, roofing and flooring installations. This efficiency translates into minimal disruption of ongoing building operations and project cost savings. Our services can be used on new or existing buildings.

Waterproofing Services

We specialize in the application for below grade wall waterproofing designed to prohibibit water intrusion at lower levels. We can also “envelope” the building as well as waterproof bathrooms, showers, etc.

Roofing Services

Technicoat is approved to install a number of different commercial roofing systems and expansion joint systems. We can also install curbs, flashing, trim, etc.

Floor Coating Services

Technicoat is a firm that specializes in high tech performance coatings, wearing surfaces for pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic, airplane hangers, utility rooms mechanical rooms, etc.


•Parking Garages
•Plaza Decks
•Suspended Pool Decks
•Mechanical Rooms
•Utility Rooms
•Sealing of Exterior Surfaces
•Air Barriers
•Basement Walls
•Under Foundation Slabs
•Below Grade Waterproofing
•New Construction
•Traffic Coating
•Epoxy Flooring
•Concrete Polishing
•Fluid Applied Roofing
•Commercial Roofing
•Insulating Concrete
•Deck Coatings
•Epoxy Injection
•Water Features
•Geo-Membrane Liners
•Rubber Safety Tracks
•Shot Blasting


Technicoat Management Inc.

6879 Speedway Blvd. Ste v-109

Las Vegas, Nevada 89115

(702) 364-1957